Our Process

Our Process

The Way We Work

Three overarching ideals motivate our entire process:

Commitment to uncompromising design.
Commitment to excellent quality.
Commitment to your satisfaction.
Getting Started

The Interview

Most people considering a major project need answers to a few basic questions before they can proceed with confidence.

Will you listen to me?
Can you deliver what I am expecting?
What are the costs … really?
How long will all this take?

We need to understand you and what you are looking for…

Consider writing a scope of work to outline each area. Also, Frederick R. Barnard said “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and he was right! Create a Pinterest board, or a Houzz idea book. These can be very helpful for us.

Lastly, consider your budget. HGTV is a great place to get ideas, but a bad place to learn about construction costs. Be honest with me about your budget and I will work hard to get the most out of that for you.


The process varies depending on the need, but we always start out with a telephone conversation and a site visit so that I can understand what is needed.

Typically I work in two phases: 1) Design 2) working drawings.

In the design phase we help our customer figure out what they want, and in the working drawings phase we figure out the most cost effective way to put it together.